{07/04/2017}   12 things I want to do rather than just talk about doing – April 2017

The fact I didn’t post on 1st April (it being 7th April as I write) sums up my progress on pretty much everything, sloppy and sluggish.  April needs more focus.

  1.  One new country.  Old news.  Already done, but now thinking it would be good to go for a third new country.  March was not remarkable for its progress and motivation so perhaps best not to aspire to overachievement.
  2. Website with clear purpose.  Probably best to skip this one as I’ll only end up feeling disappointed in myself if I dwell further on the sorry state of my website.
  3. Quit steno.  I have thought quite a bit about this one and have something positive to report.  As I listened to President Trump speaking from his Florida club about the US military action in Syria, I realised that if Trump can become president, I can do anything I set my mind to.  I will be setting my mind to goals far beyond those I’d dared contemplate before so a new perspective could result in April progress.
  4. Lose 14lb.  Oops,  I forgot to reprogramme my mind to “lose” not “gain”.  I have been on a snack fest and the novelty is yet to wear off.  Lessons are being learned.  Tough lessons.
  5. New 365 Instagram.  Progress has been made, with both travel and portrait photos having been posted on my Instagram account.
  6. Read 12 books.  I am so on it.  Reading has increased and I’m even wildly optimistic I’ll be able to double my 12-book target.  That might be a bit hasty, especially as March’s progress was aided by my reading a short book (84 Charing Cross Road – a gem of a book), finishing one of February’s books off and adding another to the list that I’d forgotten I’d read in February.  But, hey, positive thinking and all that.
  7. Mobile on silent more.  Mobile still almost always on silent.  Phew for a resolution it transpires I can fairly easily stick to.
  8. Reduce amount of clothes.  I’ve thought about this a lot.  A day may well come in April where I go on a wardrobe rampage.  If that day comes, I will be brilliant at culling.  In the meantime, I rashly got rid of a pair of jeans and have majorly failed to replace them.  Another lesson learned in March, to replace then chuck, not chuck then replace.
  9. More picnics.  Oh yeah, check me out, a picnic, a non-controversial-does-that-

    Littlestone, near Dungeness, Kent

    count-as-a-picnic, has been had.  One in three wintery months sort of maybe possibly counts as “more picnics”.  Ish.  The photo was taken before the wind blew salad out of the tub and sand into it.  Thank you to my friend Fiona for the fab food and to my mum for the bargain post-2012-Olympics picnic blanket!

  10. More fish.  I probably ate enough fish in January and February to not feel quite as bad as I should otherwise feel for the very minimal fish in my March diet.  A week into April and I fear focus is required for a positive April update.
  11. Tax in May.  There have been issues, surprisingly well beyond my control.  I’m bracing myself for failure, though with a degree of shared blame.
  12. Christmas shopping by November.  Pff, I’ve realised there are too many birthdays to address Christmas so soon.  I also don’t like shopping and, really, what was I thinking setting this as a goal?!



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