sdrI’ve made a few changes – well, two.  A cursory review of June’s achievements isn’t looking good.  I did feel like I’d achieved something by reviewing my list though, but the issue of the “i”s popping out, hence the jaunty angles, and a lack of letters led to an enthusiastic resignation of further review.  Small steps, right?!

  1.  1.  3 times per week at gym.  I have had gym membership forced upon me (does that sound ungrateful for a birthday present?!) but I do want to get fitter and more toned.  So far, month one, it’s averaged out to at least three times per week.  Good start.  I still hate the gym though.
  2. Website with clear purpose.  Ah, yes, maybe I forgot about my website in June.  On this basis, July can only be an improvement, which is the only positive thing I can think to say about the progress of my website.
  3. Quit steno.  I might as well have written “Bathe daily in warm Champagne” for all the progress I’ve made on changing my job.
  4. Lose 14 lb.  Been to the gym, building muscle, appear to have gained a bit of weight.  Spent a week in India, ate roughly double normal quantities of food, sweated a good five litres of water every day and overall my unofficial weigh-in has me a pound down.  It would be a shallow victory to say I’ve succeeded on this front though, even by 1/14th.
  5. Write two blog posts per month.  I probably wrote that intending it for July …
  6. Read 12 books.  I finished The White Tiger, a fascinating insight into lower caste life in India.  This is a really insightful, thought-provoking story and I enjoyed it a lot, despite the dark undertones.  Oh dear, it took all of June to read most of one book.  Not quite the minimum for 12 books over the year.
  7. Mobile on silent more.  While it is still largely on silent, I have recently taken to checking it all the time.  This is almost as bad as having it with sounds.  I’ve annoyed myself by being so phone-focused of late.
  8. Reduce amount of clothes.  Oh, the clothes thing.  I thought I’d got rid of that one … so, no, I “forgot” I had intended to get rid of more in June.
  9. More picnics.  Surely I had one, it having been so hot in June.  Surely … (obviously another fail!).  No, wait, maybe I should change this to “more al fresco meals” as I have managed that a fair bit in June.
  10. More fish.  I can probably give myself a limp pat on the back, though with emphasis on prawns.
  11. Tax in May.  I got into my self-assessment Government Gateway site.  Don’t underestimate how difficult that was.  Just by getting in, I feel I have made progress (in a belated kind of “oops, May has gone” kind of way).
  12. Christmas shopping by November.  I’m on course to succeed, it being 1st July.  I feel this was a duff resolution as it’ll be relevant in the run-up to December.  Brace yourself for over-achievement in November.

et cetera