{30/09/2017}   12 Things I want to do rather than just talk about doing – October 2017

Stupid idea this, going public with my new year resolutions.  I blame my poorly considered resolution choices.  I should also have kept my positive number 1, visiting one new country in 2017, as I have just made it to four this year, being in Oman, number four, as I type.  It starts badly with my newer number 1.  For October, I will focus on 2018, I think (yeah, it’s really that bad, though I may feel more positive once I start writing this and forgotten September achievements come to light …)

  1. Swimming instead of gym

    3 times per week at gym.  I’ve quit.  I haven’t been once in September.  I hate the gym.  Perhaps I can put a positive spin on what might seem like an epic fail because I gave it a go and now feel I can say from a recent experience that I hate gyms, they’re not for me, hamster wheel boredom, etc.  Oh.  Should I have a new number 1?  No.  Maybe I should resurrect the original one, to visit a new country in 2017, so I can start every month with a tick.

  2. Website with clear purpose.  Oh, don’t be ridiculous.
  3. Quit steno.  It’s not going well.
  4. Lose 14 lb.  Take your pick between duplication of point 2 and point 3 for progress report.
  5. Write two blog posts per month.  I think I forgot about this one.  I have at least written this one on time.
  6. Read 12 books.  Would you believe it, I read four books in September so I’ve definitely already read my not very ambitious annual minimum.  I finished one of the most dreadful books I’ve ever been stupid enough to not abandon, I read a holiday chick lit book only marginally better than the previous one (hmm, these almost don’t count as books and I’m obviously not sharing what they were).  I then read Understanding Hoarding by Jo Cooke, which was a fascinating read on a subject matter I can relate to for many reasons.  Then I read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, an imaginative story about not quite real events and people, which was exactly what I’d hoped it would be.
  7. Mobile on silent more.  Yes, but not as often on silent as it was for the first six months of doing this.

    Minimalism Gandhi-style

  8. Reduce amount of clothes.  I am fairly sure I remember adding one thing to a bag of miscellaneous stuff I took to a charity shop.  Oh, wait, how many items of clothing did I recently buy in India …
  9. More picnics.  Refer to my update on points 2 and 3.  Actually, no, I ate my lunch (albeit not quite a picnic spread, as it were) sitting on the beach in Muscat today.  One outdoor lunch is better than no picnic.
  10. More fish.  I had a week’s holiday in Mallorca where you can barely see a non-fish dish on the menu.  I ate fish every day, I think.  I have definitely eaten more fish this month than most other months this year.  Yay, a sense of achievement after all.
  11. Tax in May.  Done it.  It took much huffing, puffing and faffing but I started well on 1st September and somehow finished it and sent it in that day.  Only four months late, which isn’t that bad for me.  Oh, should I change this one too?  Nah, it’ll look good for November and December, right?!
  12. Christmas shopping by November.  I’ve started.  Yes, September, and I’ve started Christmas shopping!  Very pleased with myself.  Not to sound pessimistic but, even if I get seemingly all Christmas shopping done, I can’t imagine in the lead up to Christmas not having a few more things to buy, but I’m otherwise feeling uncharacteristically optimistic!

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