{31/12/2017}   12 Things I want to do rather than just talk about doing – 2017 review

I disappoint myself that for December I have not managed to spectacularly end my year’s resolutions with a display of singleminded brilliance, or even a hint of it.  In fact, the only effort I really made was to finish reading a book with less than 100 pages of large print.  Achievement, it transpires, is not my middle name.  However, to my surprise, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12 count as successes in my low achieving year, which means a 50% achievement rate.  Not so bad after all (ignoring the changes I made to 1 and 5).

  1. One new country  changed, due to unexpected completion in the first month, to 3 times per week at gym which was cancelled due to quitting the gym.  I should have kept the original and smugly written here about not one, not two, not three but four – FOUR – new countries for 2017.  Overachieved.  And then messed it up by changing it to something I was only very temporarily enthusiastic and optimistic about doing.  Rookie error.
  2. Website with clear purpose.  I fear repetition of my “I’ve thought a lot about this” mantra is wearing a bit thin.  No further progress made, except, obviously, thinking a lot about it.
  3. Quit steno.   As 2017 sashays into 2018, no change to my steno status, but I will still be plotting my plan B into 2018 … and probably beyond.
  4. Lose 14lb.  There has been a late development on this in that I now actually weigh about 1lb less than when 2017 started.  As I went up a fair few pounds, this unexpected turn of events almost feels like a success.  14lb would not be achieved without every pound mattering … oh, who am I kidding, I made zero effort to lose weight, hoped it would miraculously come off because I’d made it a resolution and now I’m mildly chuffed for having lost 1lb, which I haven’t ruled out as being a glitch with my scales as there is no obvious reason why I have lost any weight.  Another resolution to drag into 2018 with me, unless I decide to embrace the “out with the old, in with the new” resolution theme.
  5. New 365 Instagram was such a success that I changed it to Write two blog posts per month, which I managed to do for one month, to much self-congratulation.  What was I thinking, changing an achievable and achieved resolution into something far too ambitious for my low-achievement history with resolutions?!  My travel Instagram posts will continue and I should do more portraits.  I enjoy taking photos particularly when I’m away so I look forward to keeping that up.  As for the blog posts, maybe with the website progress will come more blog posts.  Or maybe I’m having an unrealistic burst of optimism for my get-up-and-go in 2018.
  6. Read 12 books.  I read more than 12 books this year, which is marked progress on 2016.  I would like to read more, I’m just not very good at making time to read.  In December, I finished a novella (I am so counting that as one book), The Pearl by John Steinbeck.  It’s a story as relevant and disturbing today as it would have been when it was written, about money and power and how they can ruin us.  I only finished reading it because I felt a need to have finished at least one book per month, and I have.  I sense success creeping into this resolution list …
  7. Mobile on silent more.  This has been habit forming.  My phone is pretty much always on silent now and I expect it will stay that way.  I also plan to stop wasting time checking Facebook as much, probably by going cold turkey from 1st January.
  8. Reduce amount of clothes.  I have had another mini sort-out this month.  I have definitely managed to address the clothes in/clothes out balance and more have gone out than come in this year, which is a relief and, for me, a huge achievement.  Yay me.
  9. More picnics.  I have never spent so much of a year away from home and in hot countries with so many outdoor eating opportunities.  I have also never had so few picnics, I don’t think.  I could so easily have spent 2017 posting picnic photos on beaches and/or in amazing places.   What a wasted smugness opportunity!
  10. More fish.  I have definitely eaten more fish than usual, it just doesn’t sound like a remotely heroic resolution to have done.
  11. Tax in May.   Well, “May” became “September” but September is far more preferable to the Novembers and Decembers of recent years.
  12. Christmas shopping by November.  Not only was my Christmas shopping as good as done by November, most of it was wrapped then too.  As a result, I had one of the least stressful pre-Christmases I’ve had in years and I was able to avoid the shops and online deliveries in December.  It would be great if this were to become a habit, but I’m not particularly optimistic as this level of organisation was almost unprecedented in my lifetime!

2017 will not go down as my year for getting things done, so I suppose I should muster up some confidence in my 2018 potential.  I have, however, realised that I need far more specific goals in a specified time scale to motivate me.  While all these resolutions are things I’ll want to continue into 2018, for 2018 I am going to set myself monthly challenges and treats, as I did with unprecedented resolution success in 2016.



It’s great that you managed 50% of your epic list perhaps your NY resolution for this year should be: be kind to yourself and simply chose 1 or 2 things that will make an impact like having your phone on silent for 2017, chose something achievable and realistic for 2018. We are all work’s in progress and January is reputed to be the worst time of the year to launch a new you! Good luck with your 2018 list and maybe we should have a picnic meet up in summer to help you achieve more picnics! Becky xx

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