{17/01/2012}   Chaotic Craft

     I haven’t done anything particularly creative since May 2011, shortly before I moved here.  Today, I was on a mission to create something of beauty, a joy forever.  However, it would appear that I have spent most time covered in white paint (I’m exploring the blank canvas concept whereby everything is first painted white, to also give it texture and to embrace recycling by covering whatever it was before) and vigorously washing my hands with swarfega.  I have completed nothing.  I have started many things.  Actually, if I’d taken this photo a little later, you would see that there are even more things now covered in white paint … including a small part of Izzy the cat’s back (fear not, she’s fine, and anyway, she’s pale so you can hardly tell – the result of stroking her to push her off the wet paint she was about to walk over).

My project was (is) to make a picture using quotes and bits of recipes from my collection of old cookery and household management books.  In keeping with my usual practice of getting sidetracked, I read quite a few things in the books, had a series of printer-related issues, decided to take a photo with my PoS (piece of shit) camera in order to illustrate today’s blog, failed to find the camera-computer cable, experimented with photo things on the PC, found a memory card USB extension thing, downloaded photos, spent a while finding out how to upload them (I may’ve got my up and down loading mixed up), decided after much deliberation that a 1959 newspaper cutting recipe for cherry puffs (cream, sour cherries, pecans, coconut, marshmallows mixed up and added to cream puff) would be ludicrously un-diety but probably amazing, walked along the seafront to get more glue, browsed Waterstone’s, made copious mugs of tea, bought and ate a ludicrous number of mint matchsticks (not as good as I remember, I knew I should’ve gone for After Eights), read a letter from a friend while drinking tea and eating a Crunchie bar … you get the picture.  Point being, nothing is completed but blank canvases have been prepared and I have enough stuff lying around to make me feel like an arty type!

Despite not producing the work of art I was envisaging, I’ve really enjoyed doing something crafty.  I guess this would count as a hobby.  It’s much easier having a hobby now that I have a spare room that I can leave as a work in progress/in a complete mess.  Any friends reading this, please be aware that if all goes to plan, you may well be getting some of my upcoming creations for birthdays to come!  In fact, Juliana, if you happen to be reading this, it’s your birthday on Friday and that white card that looks like it’s about to topple over in the bottom left corner is the beginnings of your card, along with what’s on the tracing paper a little to the right of it!

I may continue crafting tonight, but for now I am in need of non-chocolate-based food.


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