Battered cod, curly fries and lemon pepper dip at Reykjavik Fish Restaurant

It’s 2nd February and I’ve just read my optimistic January post.  I thought that with monthly updates I’d be able to keep in mind what it is that I hoped to do over a month.  I clearly don’t know myself well enough, I need daily reminders!  Hoping for more focus in February, here follows what I was supposed to do and did do in January and what I WILL do for February.

  1. What a start, I stayed in Qatar last month, which was a new country.  Check me out, one month in and one resolution ticked off.  Maybe it’s not going so badly after all?!
  2. Turns out I thought a small amount of progress was likely on my website. Zilch, absolutely nothing, in fact I don’t even think I looked at it.  Big fail.  I will set the same ludicrously achievable aim for February.
  3. Quitting steno wasn’t looking likely for January, likewise February. But for January and February I have taken time off and completely changed my working pattern, so actually I take that back and feel I have done something to alter my working life.  Next month onwards will be the big test for this one.
  4. Losing weight in January, just no. Also, I had one holiday and two work trips so have been away most of January and very much in dangerous buffet breakfast territory.  I have also eaten out far more than I’ve cooked at home.  To which end, I haven’t even dared set foot on scales.  For February, I am currently away from home and will be again later in the month too.  I will go easy on the buffet breakfasts and abstain from desserts (most days).  I do not hold out much hope for even maintaining last year’s weight let alone losing anything.
  5. Totally overachieving on this one! My 365 Instagram projects are for 365 portraits and 365 days of travel.  As I have been away most of 2017, the travel days have exceeded days of the month and I’ve taken a few portraits, though I am far from embracing the idea of approaching people to take their photo, having only done it a few times and otherwise just taken two photos of people I know.  I am confident a habit is forming and these two Instagram projects will continue as planned, though I need to take more portraits.
  6. I read an Icelandic crime fiction novel, Strange Shores, by Arnaldur Indridason, which I should get bonus points for reading while I was in Reykjavik! I am also almost at the end of The Automobile Club of Egypt by Alaa Al Aswany.  I have enjoyed/am enjoying both.  I should aim high and try for another two novels over February.
  7. Total success. My phone is now almost always on silent and as a result I check it much less and feel less mobile-dependent.
  8. Does it count that I’ve got rid of a pair of jeans that had worn thin in an inappropriate place? No, probably not.  Didn’t expect to start reducing clothes and didn’t.  Oh dear, I did buy some new clothes though.  Right, that’s it, I will get rid of at least five items of clothing in February.
  9. More picnics. I’ve missed some good opportunities for this as I was in Qatar and UAE with temperatures in the mid to high 20s.  I’d be pushing credibility to say that I did at least eat at a few restaurants and cafes sitting outdoors.  I did though!  I did have a breakfast pastry standing outside in light snow in Reykjavik.  That semi counts.  No, I can see I’m scraping the barrel.    At least one February picnic is in order.
  10. To eat more fish, overachieved. I ate way more fish in January than I usually eat in about six months, though aided enormously by a week in Reykjavik, almost two weeks in Gulf states and being in Guernsey for the end of January, so four seaside locations.  I’ve had hammour, cod, haddock, lobster, prawns, squid, wolffish, scallops, mussels, seatrout, salmon, crab.  “More fish” is a bit loose so I’ll aim for at least once a week for February, which sounds a bit pathetic but is more than I’d usually eat.
  11. I repeat my “pff” for having completed my tax return by May. At the very least, I’m sure I could manage to update my receipts up until now.
  12. Christmas shopping by November, I haven’t yet started, unsurprisingly. But, that said, being abroad is a good opportunity to buy a few presents so maybe in February I could stockpile anything if something looks suitable for someone in particular.  But it feels far too early for stockpiling so I won’t let myself feel bad if I make no progress on this.

The original list:

  1. One new country
  2. Website with clear purpose
  3. Quit steno
  4. Lose 14lb
  5. New 365 Instagram
  6. Read 12 books
  7. Mobile on silent more
  8. Reduce amount of clothes
  9. More picnics
  10. More fish
  11. Tax in May
  12. Christmas shopping by November

et cetera